The classic gift
E. gave his grandmother a flower subscription for her birthday, enclosed a card with congratulations with the first delivery and announced future deliveries. (Of course, you can keep this a secret if you want it to be a surprise).

The literary subscription
N. has given away a subscription and set it up so that a card with a greeting message is enclosed with each delivery; «greetings» is an understatement, they are long texts, letters. (Up to 8000 characters are possible. N. can enter all the greetings himself, even continuously after the subscription has been created).

The anniversary insurance
J. has bought a ten-year subscription for the date of his wedding anniversary. When it's vacation time, S. postpones the delivery by e-mail and doesn't forget this (and the wedding anniversary) because he receives an e-mail from Maarsen's five days before the delivery date.

A touch of eternity
O., in his old age, had us create a flower subscription for his daughter, for many, many years, with lots of texts and the metaphysical idea that it might even outlive him.

My home/office is my castle
Y. loves her notary's office and has a magnificent bouquet of flowers delivered every Monday morning with a freshly cleaned vase on loan.

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