Sandra Maarsen

Make your event a flower event.

Regardless of event type – business meal, client event, or congress – the invited guests’ expectations are high, and you will want to create a pleasurable atmosphere, a great experience, and a lasting positive memory. Rely on a flower event: the premises decorated harmoniously with flowers spread joy and inspiration.

The beauty of a floral ambience overcomes language and cultural barriers. Let us help you lay the corner stone of your successful event.
Dekoration Casino Basel
Bea Blühende Emmental-Halle
Bea Blühende Halle mit Wasser
Exotic in der Orangerie Elfenau
Bea Blühende Halle Dschungel
Euro VIP Lounge Dekoration
Deco Coop, Kursaal Bern
ÖGA Gemüse
und Floristik
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